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Published: 01st August 2009
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Emo boys and gals have always tried to stress their uniqueness, and their clothes and accessories have been the most essential characteristic of their image. Insisting on being different from society, emo individuals condemn conformity. This article presents some basic pieces of advice on how to obtain emo look. Nevertheless, one should not forget that wearing emo dress just because it helps you look stylish is wrong. Apparel should show your personality.
The defining characteristic of emo look is the Emo hairstyle, which normally is straightened colored hair (normally black, but it can also be blond, brown, purple etc.) frequently in combination with vivid colors (vibrant pink, green, blue or red), a long fringe brushed to one side of the face or over one or both eyes. Bob-cuts, layers and uneven hair are considered to be really emo too. The most significant thing is to make yourself conspicious. Super girly hairpins, bandanas, ribbons add to emo look as well.

Black horn-rimmed glasses, normally very thick, are also a distinctive characteristic of emo style. Emo gals, nevertheless, can use different colors and go for dark shades of red, brown or blue.
The key term to following original emo style is "skin tight". Emo clothing is often described as tight emo jeans (drainpipes or skinnies) on males and girls alike. Jeans are worn with a double belt. One belt is usually of common type and the other one is adorned with rivets and metal strips. Studded belts and large belt buckles are also very common. Dresses and skirts can be worn by gals if properly coupled with converse and leg warmers.
Tight emo t-shirts are often decorated with the inscription of rock bands or popular emo designs such as the bleeding heart, stars and the skull. Vintage or vintage-looking shirts with icons of animated heroes or rock musicians are also very popular. The key here is originality, or at least the illusion of it. Again, the t-shirt or a sweater should be very narrow, up to 2 sizes smaller.

For looking emo, black eyeliner and other dark makeup are essential. Remember, there is never too little black eyeliner, shades, and black mascara. A little brightly colored eye liner can also be used in combination with the black eye liner.

Emo shoes image complete. The best known emo shoes are Converses or Vans. But many other shoes, as long as they are black with pink laces, can also be made look emo. The most popular choice is tennis footwear of conversion or vanguard style. To look more emo, shoes can be decorated with whiteout pen/highlighter/permanent marker.
Trying to obtain the emo look, make sure you are not trying to be somebody you are not. It can be an insult for devoted emo people.
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