Don't Buy An Outdoor Fire Pit Until You Read This!

Published: 18th August 2009
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No question that purchasing an outdoor fire pit can add warmth, style and drama to your backyard, patio or deck. That uniquely relaxing and captivating feeling of sitting around a campfire with friends, family, or a special one no longer has to wait for the annual camping trip. Many thousands of people now make it happen right in their backyard throughout the year.

Before you make your purchase, however, there's one thing you'll want to consider carefully, so that your new outdoor fire pit provides the kind of warmth, style and drama you'll want to experience for years to come.

Make safety your first priority, especially as it relates to fire.

Carefulness and common sense will not be packed in the box with your new outdoor fire pit. You have to provide them. If you don't, the potential for injury to yourself and others, as well as damage to your property and that of your neighbors, greatly increases.

Plan now to take the following precautions when using your wood burning fire pit, so it'll bring the right kind of drama and excitement to your backyard.

* Keep a fire extinguisher, container of water, or other source of water near-by.

* Just don't leave your fire unattended, and make sure the fire is completely out before heading to bed, even if it means filling a smoldering fire pit with water.

* Take special care to keep little children from getting too close, and never ever leave them unattended near a fire. Pets too.

* Don't sacrifice safety to save a few bucks on a cheap outdoor fire pit, extinguisher, etc. It's not worth the risk.

* Position your fire pit at least 10 feet away from flammable materials or objects: low-hanging branches; piles of dry grass, leaves or brush; gas cans; your house... Make sure you have plenty of space around and above your fire pit.

* Gauge placement of your outdoor fire pit according to wind patterns and where the smoke will be blowing.

* Don't overfill your outdoor fire pit with wood or wood substitutes. Likewise, don't over-gas your outdoor gas fire pit. You don't want the flames to get too high or unmanageable.

* Use a spark screen with your fire pit.

* Use a fire pit pad or flagstone underneath your outdoor fire pit or fireplace on wooden decks.

* Check the laws in your area before building any outdoor fire. In different parts of the country, those laws vary. Contact your local fire department to find out where fires or grills can be used in your area.

* Carefully read and follow your manufacturer's instructions, which are there for good reasons.

* Do not use a fire pit indoors!

Familiarizing yourself with safety guidelines such as these should go a long way toward ensuring that your outdoor fire pit provides many years of enjoyment and pleasant experiences.

Because of your carefulness and common sense, you can enjoy listening to the popping and crackling sounds from the fire. Go ahead, watch the flames dance. Poke at the logs with a tong. Smell the aroma of the burning logs. Relax and enjoy the moment with those who are special to you.


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