Different Types of Straightener

Published: 09th October 2009
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Because there are many different types of hair, it stands to reason that different types of hair straightener have been developed in order that as many people as possible may benefit from the advances in technology. People are unlikely to keep buying a product if it is not working for them, so new types of hair straighteners have been designed so that everyone who wants one can find one that will suit their hair. This seems to have worked, when it is considered how many people in the developed world currently own hair straighteners -it will be found that it is a majority.

For very thick hair, there are straighteners that have been developed that have very wide irons. This means that a large amount of hair can be held between them, meaning that even with very thick hair it will not take too long for the hair to be straightened. Holding the wide irons on the hair for longer if the hair is thick will also mean straightening will be more beneficial, as the hair will stay straighter for longer and will not flick out at the edges.

In contrast, smaller straighteners have been developed that have very thin irons. These straighteners are best to be used on short hair, for example on a fringe. Using straighteners with large irons will not work in this case, as the user would not be able to run them over the hair if there was only a small amount of it. These small iron straighteners should be used by those with short hair, and are particularly popular with men.

More expensive straighteners are likely to be more powerful, meaning that they will straighten hair more quickly and will heat up faster. They also keep hair straighter for longer, meaning that they are better for naturally curly or wavy hair. However, those with very fine or straight hair will be able to get straighteners that are much cheaper, as they will not need anything this powerful. Straighteners with curled edges are also available, for those who want to also curl their hair. You can also buy different coloured straighteners such as pink ghd hair straighteners which donate some of the money to charity.


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