Demanding Celebrities

Published: 30th October 2008
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The typical modern-day celebrity has gone from rags to riches and risen out of obscurity. Many of our most-treasured celebrities have fairly standard, working class backgrounds and are keen to project an 'I'm just like you' image to the masses.

Now, we've all heard the 'Jenny from the Block' story enough times; celebrities are often keen to make us believe they've firmly got their feet on the ground; heads screwed on correctly and won't forget their past. The problem is that it's difficult for the general public to believe celebrities are just like us when they start turning into divas and making ridiculous demands wherever they go...

JLO is the classic example, she has bolstered an image of herself as the girl from the Bronx who had a tough upbringing and has finally landed on her feet. The only thing is, JLO's bizarre and extremely picky demands don't match up to her Jenny from the Block persona. Would good old Jenny demand a room temperature of 25.5 degrees Celsius? Or Egyptian cotton only sheets, with a minimum thread count of 250? Surely she'd be happy with a thread count of 249.

It has been reported that JLO's diva demands don't stop there; she has a notorious reputation for making diva demands and at a recent stay in a London hotel, had a list of demands two pages long. She reportedly asked for everything in her room to be white, including candles, couches, curtains and flowers. A requirement for her coffee to be stirred counter-clockwise only, signifies the height of the diva demand.

Then we move on to Mariah. No-one does diva demands like Mariah Carey; she makes JLO's demands seem perfectly reasonable by comparison. Amongst Mariah's demands you'll find an attendant to dispose of her chewing gum, two air purifiers, gold faucets to be installed throughout her many dressing rooms, a box of bendy straws, and yes, the most ridiculous demand of the lot: a supply of kittens and puppies for the night. When demands start to include animals, surely someone has to draw a line? - Apparently not when it comes to Mariah.

Megastar celebrities are idolised by the masses and you can't deny that Prince is a legend; but why on earth does he need his entire dressing room wrapped in cling-film before he enters it? Amongst his many other demands include an oxygen bar and a black M&M's machine. Barbara Streisand, a legend too, demands that she has rose petals in her toilet. Madonna needs a new toilet seat and 25 cases of Kabbalah water ' the toilet seat will probably come in handy should she try to drink all that water!

Most celebrity demands are fairly normal though, with dressing room demands limited to alcohol and food, after all if they can get it ' why not have it? In an age when being on the A-List means you can get anything you want, we'd probably all try and get as much as we possibly could and if that means getting someone to dump our boyfriends for us - we'd quite happily demand one!

Finally, we want to draw your attention to one celebrity who isn't fazed by being a celebrity at all, there are no demands for tons of booze or vast amounts of candles, all he requests is that a life sized cardboard cut-out of himself is present in his dressing room. It's nice to know some of us are normal isn't it?


Heather is the chief celebrity gossip writer for Mecca Bingo.

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