Cute Animated Animals and Women: A Match Made in Heaven

Published: 02nd June 2010
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What is it with women and cute? Why is it that someone like me, a person who prides themselves on not being a "girlie-girl", still melts at the sight of some stupid animated baby animal? Is it just locked in my DNA or something? I can go into a zoo and look at a baby koala climbing on the back of its mother and I'll just say "Ah, that's interesting", but if I pass a gift shop with a t-shirt featuring a cute, animated alligator I'll stop in my tracks and go "aaawwww". Seriously, alligators are not cute. They could eat me. Yet if you give it big eyes and a smile, yep, let me give it a hug.

I bring this rant up because I found something evil on the internet the other day. I was looking online for baby shower stuff as I'm in charge of planning a friend's baby shower. I went on this site that sell's packets of product based around baby shower themes that features everything you need for your party, from napkins to plates to favors. Anyway, I went on their theme page and they had... ummm... just about every cute, baby animal theme you could think off. The moment I came upon the page I could feel the change come over me. I assume it's what the Grinch felt when his heart grew four-fold that Christmas morning.

Furthermore, it wasn't just cute baby animals, it was cute baby animals with their parents. An animated owl and child... I was done. I had to remind myself that I was buying this for my friend and not for me. I'm sure my husband would not have been pleased when a 64-piece owl baby shower set arrived at our front door for no apparent reason.

And by the way: why is it that owls have such a strong hold over us women? Have you ever seen them at the zoo? They are by far one of the most boring animals you can watch. I mean, they are fine, they just aren't, you know, worthy of praise. But put them in an animated pose, add a few hearts and a phrase like "Whooo loves you?" and suddenly they become a must have purchase. I mean they kill field mice with their sharp claws for goodness sake!

So anyway, yeah, I don't know what comes over us. I ended up buying my friend the alligator themed card. You know, the same ones that eat baby gazelles. The animated ones are too damn cute, though.


Kim Green loves to help her friends find the perfect baby shower themes for their parties.

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