Cold Sores - What Are The Top Ways To Cure Cold Sore Outbreaks?

Published: 10th June 2010
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Cold sores are a dreadful ordeal for millions of folks in every corner of the globe. The herpes simplex virus causes these unwelcome sores. Nearly 90% of world residents are host to this virus.

Do not be embarrassed. There are many effective ways you can heal and avoid cold sores using medically prescribed drugs or natural cold sore remedies.

Cold sores are skin-damaging sores that commonly emerge near the mouth or nasal area. Kissing is most commonly how you will be infected, or infect someone else. They are very infectious and most often passed to another by direct contact with an operating sore or virus-laden saliva.

Beginning symptoms include burning, tingling and itching after which one or more small painful bumps will show up.

They happen primarily due to triggers, such as mental stress or physical disturbances that slow down your defenses. If you can keep your immune network strong, you will be able to lessen episodes of these sores.

If you are susceptible to outbreaks, it would be wise to begin a good multi-vitamin regimen. Especially look for large quantities of vitamins B, C, A and D to stop or reduce your outbreaks.

Another natural cold sore remedy is lysine. You can get this common protein from food or capsules. Lysine effectively prevents the herpes simplex virus from propagating.

If constant sores affect you, you can use lysine capsules (one or two each day) as a powerful defensive tactic. For treating the once-in-a-while outbreak, begin using lysine as soon as you become aware of a pending attack.

You can also use zinc as a potent method for treating outbreaks. This should already be included in your daily vitamin regimen, but you can get additional zinc with supplements. Be careful not to take in more than 50 milligrams per day.

You can grind up a tablet, or open a capsule, and make a zinc ointment by mixing with extra virgin olive oil. Spread it directly on the sore. You will probably get much better results using wet zinc lozenges applied to the area. This form of zinc absorbs to a much higher degree.

One of the more popular pharmaceutical supplied remedies is a salve composed of acyclovir. This treatment requires you to apply the salve a minimum of five daily applications for five constant days.

Another lotion you might want to try is Penciclovir, a medical anti-viral. Usage directions call for putting directly on the sore with no more than two hours between applications while you are awake. You do this for four long days. At the beginning, it seems to clear the symptoms and heal the sore faster, but the herpes virus becomes immune to it eventually.

These virus-inhibiting creams are time consuming to use and kind of expensive. In addition, they seldom perform as speedily and surely as most home-type cold sore remedies.

A number of folks use oral prescription tablets containing valacyclovir or famciclovir as a cold sore remedy. These anti-viral chemicals are taken to the sore through your bloodstream.

Besides the expense and bother of picking up a doctor's prescription, these chemicals can be difficult for the kidneys or liver. Keep in mind too, (as with many pharmaceuticals) the virus will slowly become immune to them.

Some good low priced salves or creams can be found at most drug stores. These often contain pain reducing agents such as lidocaine. This will aid you with the pain that comes with these sores.

These sores are definitely a hassle in your life. They are especially annoying because they break out at the most bothersome times. There are a few over-the-counter remedies at the store consisting of naturally therapeutic factors. These, also, give noticeable relief.

The mystery to superior results with any cold sore treatment plan is to begin as fast as you can. That means start your treatments as early as you sense the first burning feeling.

You are unique in with what will work in an optimum manner for you when addressing these herpes sores. It will take some exploring by you to come up with your top treatment plan. Trust me, it is worth the effort.

If you are a victim of successive or unusually painful outbreaks, you should visit a medical professional for additional intensive information relating directly to your personal needs.

In conclusion, it is of high importance that you keep researching new cures. I would strongly advise you to visit reliable, popular sites that are primarily focused on providing you helpful facts, news and a lot of FREE home cold sore remedies.


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