Cerebral Palsy Success Stories

Published: 27th May 2010
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Cerebral Palsy is a disease that often times sees stories that end in happy endings. Due to the patients that show a high level of development thanks to multiple types of therapies, the success stories are endless. Getting children and adults into programs where they have the opportunity to develop and focus on specific areas have lead to stories such as this one. A young boy who was born with Cerebral Palsy athetoid symptoms entered into a therapy program that was focusing on increasing the young boys ability to communication through non-verbal cues. This particular child had been unable to speak or use sign language, and had only been communicating through pointing and hand gestures. Within eight months of speech and communication therapy he has been able to learn multiple words and can even put them together to communicate complex thoughts. While working on exercises that helped to develop his knowledge of numbers and colors this child was also able to start using sounds effectively in his communication process. There are multiple technologies that have been used to further his development. Computer systems that help to enhance his communication capabilities have also been instrumental in developing these skills.

Physical therapy sessions that focus on building muscle control and improving flexibility have been shown to help in the mobility of Cerebral Palsy sufferers. One testament to this is the story of a teenage boy who had used a wheelchair his entire life. Though an organization in his area, he heard about the opportunity to take up curling. This allowed him to be involved in a group sport all while still using his wheelchair. This gave him a huge sense of accomplishment and helped him to feel included in his social settings. This young man also suffered with difficulty in communication. He has since been able to speak up to large groups and urge others to get involved with wheelchair curling. Being involved in a group activity helped him to realize the support he had and gave him the confidence to speak out.
Occupational therapy along with speech and physical therapy helped a child born with cerebral Palsy grow to be a young woman who volunteers in her community and journals regularly. This young girl was placed in multiple types of therapy at a young age and was given responsibilities that she was expected to master. With much training and help from her therapists she quickly overcame the difficulties in front of her and continued to rise and meet each obstacle. Working with people that believed in her and pushed her to reach her goals helped her to want to reach out and be the best that she could possibly be. Having these supportive therapist and devoted parents are key parts to each one of these success stories.
That core support helps to keep these athetoid CP children and adults on track to reaching each goal and celebrating the achievements that they have made. Being included in a setting that they feel comfortable and confident is another important part of growing up and living the strongest life they can.

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