Cellulite Reduction with Massage Oil

Published: 29th July 2009
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There are a variety of diverse oils one can use. Most professionals in the beauty and therapeutic business use some sort of vegetable oils, organic if at all possible, such as almond, olive or some even a high-quality grade of every-day vegetable oil, perhaps with a touch of Eucalyptus oil to enhance the therapeutic qualities..Football and sports clinics have been using this mixture for years with splendid results in therapeutic applications.But is there a better ready made massage oil people can buy? I've used a lot of special products during the years, but recently I've stumbled on a little beauty! Not only does it provide a great medium for massage but the oil contains a bombardment of essential oils which claim to have fantastic properties. Well eastern civilizations have used them for over 5000 years, so something must be right! The oil is produced in Australia and only the best ingredients are used. Mayaltha Better Slim Accelerator oil has the added benefit of helping reduce the effects of cellulite and smooth and refine both the skin and body contours. There are six pure essential oils in Mayaltha Better Slim Accelerator oil and is ideal for use in beauty clinics to by and large tone the body. Then again it's great to use at home or as a added supplement in the bath. Only a couple of drops are necessary.

For the greatest body sculpting effect I've found that if you massage into the legs, stomach and butt at night-time and leave on overnight the skin seems more refined and smooth. Better still get your partner to give a general relaxation massage with Mayaltha Better Slim Accelerator oil you'll both feel the benefit! The massage oil is packed with essential oils such as:
Geranium Oil which helps to stimulates circulation, and eliminate toxins from the body and helps to relieve excess fluid retention. There are also claims of antiseptic qualities.
Lemon Oil is known to assist the body in it's natural detoxification process and cleans the skin. Lemon Oil possesses natural antibacterial properties as well.
Vitamin E which is derived from the vegetable oil is a highly effective antioxidant that protects the skin and helps prevent the hardening of fatty cell membranes. It also encourages smooth firm skin and assists in wound healing and minimization of scars.
The plant-based Mayaltha slim accelerator body contour oil was developed to refine and smooth and lift your body contours and is suitable for both men and women. It's ideal for body builders or any-one who wants to improve the condition of your body.
The ingredients are not just shoddy and nasty and have six 100% pure essential oils. We all know how expensive they are! They include: Macadamia Nut Oil - which is known to protect, soothe, and moisturize the skin.
Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil which absorbs, nourishes, moisturizes the body.
Lemon Oil - Tones, detoxifies, soothes.
Ylang Ylang Oil - Tones, regenerates, balances.
Geranium Oil - Stimulates, drains, tones
Rosemary Oil - Regenerates, revitalizes, moisturizes with regular use I've found that Mayaltha Better Slim Accelerator oil helps diminish the appearance of cellulite.
Firms and tones the body contours and helps to regain and maintain a lean, slim and refined silhouette. I've also found the active ingredients helps to erase unsightly blemishes and restore the skin to a smooth, firm and healthy condition. The Mayaltha Better Slim Accelerator oil also seems to assist in the skins natural curative process and the reduction of scars.
This is no poor quality and nasty massage oil and seems very beneficial to the skin and body. If you are looking to buy massage oil for your massage business or just to use at home this is definably one massage oil you should consider. If you want to get a bargain price Ebay is worth looking at. I recently bought a wholesale pack at 60% off the retail price and I've noticed one seller sells individual items at more then 50% off the retail price or even more
This oil is ideal for massage therapists or individual private home use.
More information at : Http://tinyurl.Com/kqk93r or more information visit: Http://tinyurl.Com/nls8z7

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