Bunk Beds -- design and development

Published: 16th April 2009
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In place of a Bunkie board, some bunk bed designs make use of a tried and true way to support the mattress. The wood slat has been used for many years to support a box spring and mattress combination or even just a mattress. The slats are placed inside the side frame of the bed and run perpendicular to the side frame.

Some important things to check include the length and thickness of the slats. If the slats are too long, forcing them into place will stress the frame and the frame could fail. If they are too short, you run the risk of having them shift and possibly fall out. If the wood used to make the slat is too thin, the slats may fail under the weight of the sleeper. The type of wood used to make the slats is also important. Avoid using any type of plywood since plywood is not designed for that application. The grain of the wood should run in the same direction as the slat is long. Never make or use slats where the grain of the wood runs perpendicular to the length of the slat.

There are a couple of things to remember when purchasing a mattress for a bunk bed. When purchasing a mattress for a bunk bed you must keep in mind that they have definite height limitations. A pillow top and some plush top mattresses used on the bottom bunk may be too tall to allow sufficient space between the beds.

The height of the mattress is also an important consideration for the top bunk. Mattress height is of particular importance when it comes to using the top bunk for a child. Many bunk bed designs incorporate some type of safety rail system. The safety rail system is in place to prevent accidental falls from the upper bunk. Placing a mattress that is too tall on the top bunk may exceed the height of the safety rails. If the upper bunk is used for a child, never, under any circumstances remove the safety rails or use a mattress that is taller than safety rails. The average height of a standard twin sized mattress is eight to ten inches. There are many fine quality standard height mattresses available.

Buying a quality set of bunk beds can have definite advantages for growing families with children. Many bunk beds are designed so they can be separated into two beds. This can be a very important consideration when kids are involved. As the kids grow, they may want their bed in their own room.

Two piece bunk beds, though perhaps a little more expensive, can be used for a very long time. The space saving advantages of the humble bunk bed is pretty obvious but deserves to be repeated. Bunk beds are great for small rooms but they are an easy way to provide additional space in a larger room. A popular bed design that takes advantage of spacing making is the loft bed. The loft bed provides an elevated sleep platform with space available underneath. The space under the loft can be used for other furniture needs such as a desk, sofa, or futon.

Loft beds are very popular for college dormitory rooms and other places where you wish to combine sleep space with other needs. So whether you need to have enough room for a growing family or you are college student trying to maximize space, a bunk or loft bed could be right for you.
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