Brides Want Sleek and Sexy Wedding Dresses

Published: 14th March 2008
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Red carpet glamour is making its way down the aisle. Christine Antoniou finds out why so many brides are opting for a sleek wedding dress look on their wedding day.

If you catch yourself staring dreamily at a glamorous sleek and fitted gown but turn away thinking 'I could never wear that' ' don't rule it out just yet. What might come as a surprise, a fitted style flatters most shapes and sizes. And keeping an open mind will send you on your way to finding a gown that not only suits your shape, but your personality.

Conjuring up images of 1950s glamour and Hollywood icons, a sleek gown is the perfect way to achieve a sexy, romantic and delicate look. Think plunging necklines, silk charmeuse, delicate beading and fish tails, to enhance and define your silhouette.

Figure flattering:
Designer Karen Willis Holmes says her sleek designs are figure flattering and a little sexy. 'Sleek gowns are very popular at the moment,' Karen says. This style flatters 99 per cent of brides, it really does suit all shapes.'

And while the sensuous and delicate fabric will give you a soft and romantic look, corsetry underneath the gowns will do the work for you. Your waist can be pulled in, and your figure accentuated to achieve a feminine silhouette. 'A lot of brides think they won't look good in a sleeker gown but once they try sleek styles on they love it,' Karen says.

Mariana Hardwick's Goddess Collection highlights the lure of slimline gowns that emphasise the hourglass shape with a dip neckline, drop waist with bodice over the hips, beading and exposed corsetry.

Mariana says the current mermaid style suits a longer body but fitted gowns in general can look 'wonderful and sexy on anyone'. 'A more voluptuous figure can look great because a bridal gown needs flesh, shape and curves,' she says. 'Women these days are body, health and fitness conscious and this style celebrates the female figure. The essence of bridal dressing is optimising all of your best features and reflecting your personality,' she says.

Hair and make-up:
A more understated gown gives you the perfect opportunity to accessorise and add glamour to your look. After all, this is your day to create the look you dream of. Go for a neat sleek bun and make a dramtaic entrance, with vibrant red lips and subtle eyes.
Or if you are after a softer style, a feminine half-up hair-style that is structured but still soft will turn heads as you walk down the aisle.

And even though you may sit in the make-up chair for more than an hour, it's all about looking natural and fresh. Think blushes, pinks and flowers like English rose for a natural and beautiful look.

Long drop vintage look earrings are popular with brides but make sure they don't overpower your gown. Brooches can add another dimension of glamour to your gown, or be creative and have some fun and put a brooch in your hair.

A person who you trust and an open mind are the best things to take with you when choosing your dream gown.
Mariana says it's not unusual for brides to have a fixed idea of what they want before they have tried on their first gown. She suggests trying on a range of silhouettes from full gowns to A line to slinky. 'Keep an open mind, often what you want can be different to what suits you.'

Karen reminds brides to relax and to be guided by gown designers. 'Just try things on because you never know what a dress will look like until it's on ' you can always take it off if you don't like it.'
Article by Evita Puccio of Bride Magazine. Bride Magazine is a popular wedding dress portal. Find out more about wedding cakes.

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