Boys can use hair straighteners too

Published: 11th December 2009
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There is a common belief that hair straighteners should only be used by girls and perhaps boys with extremely long hair. However this is not true at all and with many boys these days becoming beauty conscious, hair straighteners are now becoming very popular with the male gender as well. It is true that whilst a lot of girls with curly or frizzy hair like to use hair straighteners as a temporary way of giving their hair a new and exciting look, boys also like to do this as well.

With regards to males if you also have curly or wavy hair and would like to create a new look, hair straighteners can be a great way to do this. It is not perhaps ideal to use hair straighteners if you have extremely short hair as this can be very dangerous and perhaps will not even make much of a difference; however mid-length to long hair is very advisable to straighten if you desire the straighter look. Straightening a males hair can be done in the very same way as straightening a girls hair, all you have to do is apply the heat protection spray and then clamp the straighteners around divided sections of your hair. Once having done this just run the straighteners vertically up or down through the hair until it becomes a lot straighter.

Many males may use hair straighteners to straighten their fringe or even try for a spikier and edgier look, straighter the top part of their hair in random movements. A lot of males like to use hair straighteners when going on a night out or going to a special occasion. It needn't be embarrassing or considered 'girly' as many professionals straighten male models hair in order to get the right hair styles for a shoot or fashion show. All in all hair straighteners just prove that the beauty and cosmetic world is modernizing and now more and more men are becoming conscious of what look they want to portray. Hair straighteners come in many different models and designs, some better then others, and can be purchased at varied but affordable prices.


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