Bingo Card Patterns

Published: 29th March 2010
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When playing the game of bingo a particular pattern must be created upon your bingo card in order to win the game. These bingo patterns are specified prior to the commencement of the bingo round. Many of these patterns can range from quite basic two rather intricate. When playing bingo online many bingo sites feature pattern designs that pertain to a particular theme of either the bingo room or the overall bingo site. Many players enjoyed this variety in bingo patterns.

One of the more common bingo patterns would be a horizontal bingo. Just as the name implies a player would complete a horizontal line somewhere on the bingo card in order to win. In the game of 75 ball bingo they would be able to take advantage of the free space in order to complete the horizontal line. A vertical bingo woods require person to get five in a row that this time with a vertical up and down line. Again if there is a free spot in the mall the card it could be utilized as well. A third variation of the five in a row bingo would be a diagonal bingo there are two diagonal lines it could be formed on a 75 ball bingo cards. Either of these diagonals could take advantage of the free space in the middle requiring you only to have four numbers present on your card.

Another exciting bingo pattern used often is that of a blackout. It may also be known as Coverall bingo. With this pattern a player must cover all available bingo spaces on their card in order to win. This sort of bingo pattern typically can make the game of bingo last much longer as you need to fill more spaces upon your card. This bingo pattern is often used with progressive bingo games.

Other fun bingo patterns could include a picture frame. A picture frame would require you to get all of the outer spaces on the bingo card framing the rest of the spaces. An X pattern is also common or you would create two diagonals forming an X on your bingo card.


There are a number of bingo game variations offered by different UK bingo providers. Games can be compared easily on sites such as Online Bingo Lounge in order to select the best one for you.

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