Barry's Tea is A Real Irish Tea

Published: 11th January 2009
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For a good cup of tea, start in Ireland. More of this drink is consumed per person in Ireland than any other place. Although many teas are labeled Irish, don't be confused when looking for authenticity.

Irish teas usually are black and have a full-bodied taste. Today, you can find two types. The more popular is an Irish Breakfast or similarly-named product made by companies in almost every country. These are black teas marked by a malty flavor and usually consumed with milk and sugar.

The more authentic Irish teas are from brands based in Ireland, such as Barry's, and made specifically for the country's water.

All Barry's products are still made in Cork, Ireland, and exported across the world. Today, the same tea consumed in Ireland is available almost everywhere. The leaves used in Barry's are from Africa and India. Blending the leaves is part art and science. Irish teas achieve different tastes by uniquely blending amounts and types of leaves.

Regarded as Ireland's leading tea company, Barry's started in 1901. James Barry sold tea from a small shop in Cork, Ireland. Until the 1960s, it was still sold from this small shop. Barry's has always been known for quality. The company cemented their reputation when they were awarded the prestigious Empire Cup for tea blending in 1934.

In Ireland, Barry's is a premium product. The company states it has 34% of the tea market in Ireland, behind Lyons, the country's most popular.

Barry's Gold is the best selling and most popular product. It brews an amber color and has a smooth, clean taste. It can be purchased in bags or loose.

Next is Barry's Classic, the company's second leading product. Brewing a dark color, it is stronger than the Gold and has a full-bodied taste. It can be purchased in bags or loose.

Subtle and with a light flavor, Barry's Irish Breakfast is a traditional tea. It brews a light amber color and has a more delicate taste than the company's other products. It can be purchased in bags.

The company also offers a decaffeinated, earl grey and green tea. Barry's Decaffeinated is strong and full flavored, unlike many other weak caffeine-free teas. The earl grey is a traditional flavored variety. The company offers an Irish take on green tea.

Since Barry's products are harder to find outside Ireland, many people will shop online. Before buying, look for a freshness date. Each Barry's product has a "Best By" date on the box. Make sure this date is provided for you.


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