Baby Shower Ideas: World Cup Style

Published: 02nd June 2010
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Women can like sports, right? I mean, usually we are into fashion and reality TV and stuff, but is it cool if we pause all that stuff to enjoy a little sporting event every once in a while, correct?

I bring this up because I had a crazy, crazy idea. I was put in charge of going over baby shower ideas for one of my best friends. She came here from England when she was young and, well, while you can take the girl out of England you can't take England out of the girl. She is a giant soccer fan. I'm talking jerseys, yelling at the screen, and throwing things at said screen. This is why we probably get along so well as I am also a die hard soccer fan (US, not Britain, may I say) and have found myself throwing my fair share of popcorn at the screen.

It turns out that she planned her baby shower on the first Saturday of the World Cup. Oh, and at the exact same time as her beloved England is playing their first match. Oh, yeah, and it's against the United States. Since we don't want to miss the match and we don't want to cancel the baby shower, we came up something a bit unorthodox: a soccer themed baby shower. Yeah, I know, it's not the typical baby shower fair. It's supposed to cute animals and Chinese food, right? But with soccer being my friend's lifeblood, why not do something that she will enjoy.

And by the way, this isn't just an excuse to watch the soccer game during the baby shower. Trust me, we would be doing that anyway. No, we are going all out for this party. All the typical baby shower stuff: cake, plates, centerpieces, etc. We found a place that will make a soccer cake (black and white with, umm, an English flag... her decision), and a website that has soccer related decorations, plates and cups. And for food? Why, it's an all English theme... and no, not all English food is bad. We have bangers and mash (sausage and potatoes), some fish and chips (breaded and not breaded), and plenty of British snacks and drinks.

I've never been so excited for a baby shower. Besides the fact I get to watch an important soccer game with my friend, I think everyone else is going to have a blast. We told everyone to dress accordingly and have the right attitude coming in. And be ready to shout at the TV.


Author Kimberly Green is always looking for great baby shower ideas to share with her friends and family.

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