Anyone Can Benefit From A Basic Accounting Course

Published: 01st October 2009
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Accountants perform many vital and much appreciated functions within a company, but can also extend their services into virtually every walk of life. Accounting is everywhere and can be as simple as making entries in a checkbook or filling out a federal tax return form. Lenders use formulas to calculate a mortgage rate and interest charges and individual investors need an understanding of how to figure out the return on an investment. If the result of their calculation is too low, they may pass on the opportunity and decide to invest their capital in another, more profitable deal.

Accounting is everywhere you look and is not just a simple, straightforward trade. Anyone who ever took an accounting class knows that there are different types of accounting and that the complexity level of the required accounting skills greatly depend on the business they have to be applied to. The entities, organizations as well as individuals, requiring accounting services include:

- Profit-motivated companies, e.g. banks, grocery stores, tailors, car manufacturers, etc. They can sell either products or services.

- Non-profit businesses, e.g. churches, hospitals, colleges, etc.

- Independent individuals dealing with an estate, farmers, private miners, etc.

It cannot be any simpler: anyone receiving an income will have to deal with accounting, and the more money is collected, the more intricate the accounting procedures will be.

Accounting is necessary to keep score on the economy. It keeps track of what debit and credit activities take place, where and by whom. We all know that mankind's infrastructure revolves around financial transactions and that without money the world would come to a screeching halt. Can you imagine the chaos?

There is no doubt about it: society cannot function without accountants. That raises the question: what exactly do accountants do and where can students sign up to learn this elite and exciting trade? The answer is by enrolling in accounting courses.

Basic accounting principles can be picked up from reading books, but will not help you land a prestigious bookkeeping job. Without a certificate or degree, most employers will not even glance at your resume. They prefer certified accountants who went to school and studied every aspect of the job, not just a few snips here and there. You see, accounting is much more than keeping books or recording data in an accounting program on the computer.

Depending on their assigned duties, accountants are also assigned other responsibilities such as, taking care of cash income and cash payments, payroll, inventory and purchasing, applying health & safety practices in the workplace, managing budgets and forecasts, tracking sales and arranging income tax returns. They may even have to prepare financial reports and figure out how to allocate shared costs among different departments.

Anyone assuming accounting is dull has obviously never taken accounting classes. Accounting is a science, which requires great skill. Not everyone is able to juggle numbers, balance accounts and confirm that money is slotted for the right purposes. It takes a trained eye to recognize when profits are slipping or when money has gone missing. Even though it may be as simple as someone forgetting to hand in their expense receipts, the books don't lie, and it will be up to the trusted account to find the culprit and straighten it all out before a corporate alarm goes off.


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