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Published: 21st October 2009
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Flowers are an ideal gift when you are on time or budget constraints, or when you just don't really know what exactly the person likes!

However, flowers are such a common gift that sometimes it is nice to be the only person who can think of something different. Traditionally, flowers are given for birthdays or as a congratulatory token, as well as when someone is ill to cheer them up, or to add some colour to a new house and garden.

So what else can you do when the room has so many flowers you need a leaf blower just to get through?

Most flowers are a token gesture, so keep to a reasonable price range, and think about something small but thoughtful. An edible bouquet can be tailored to suit any age and interest. Chocoholics would love chocolate gifts or a chocolate bouquet, and those who like a drink would love a champagne bouquet! There are also cookie bouquets, and fruit bouquets for those a bit more health conscious. Edible Blooms has a range of bouquets for all occasions, including Gold Chocolate trees or a Chocolate Wreath for Christmas, the Luxury Moet Bloom for Valentine's Day, or the Scotch Hamper for Father's Day.

A hamper is great for 'a little bit of everything'. They can include anything from sweet biscuits and shortbreads, to candy, nuts, cheese, wine, or fruit cake.

When someone deserves congratulations for a job well done, a promotion, or a personal achievement, a good bottle of quality sparkling or champagne will never go astray, and you can help the person celebrate in style.

Chocolate is hardly ever refused, and sometimes giving one really good quality handmade chocolate is better than an endless supply of guilt-giving sickly and run of the mill chocolate.

Many 'chocolatiers' take their profession very seriously, and aim to provide their clients with the best of the best. Just visiting their stores alone can be a treat, and some places now offer chocolate making and matching tours, as well as going on chocolate tours run by professional groups in major cities.

Flowers are often given in sadness as well as in good times. Most of us will visit someone in hospital only to be sitting amongst countless arrangements of various flowers. They are great to lift the spirit in the room, however when it becomes crowded and then they need to be disposed of, it can be a bit of a hassle.

So try something new, like bring the person something that makes them feel at home. Gifts such as personalized towels, or new slippers, pyjamas, or a collection of bathroom goodies, are always necessary and a fresh selection is better than having to live amongst the hospital's provisions.

Flowers given to liven up a new house or renovation are pretty, but they do not have the same longevity or uses as other gifts. A good idea is to find out what the place could use; depending on budget and how close you are to the person, arrange for small jobs to be done, or buy a painting for inside, or a mural or wall feature for outside.

It is easy to take the quick option by buying flowers for someone special, but with a little bit of thought and research, there are so many other ways you can brighten up their life!


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