A review of wide fitting shoes

Published: 05th May 2009
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A good pair of designer shoes that fit properly is worth their weight in gold. For years, people have put up with 'generic' sizing in footwear, and considering that everyone's feet are different, a generic approach to shoe sizes has resulted in generations of men and women cramming their feet into ill-fitting shoes and suffering the consequences. Shoes that don't fit properly can lead to calluses, corns and even painful bunions and in the worst cases can actually distort the delicate bones of the feet, making walking painful.

The problem has been particularly bad in women's shoes, where the perpetual passion for high heels has added fuel to the fire. There is nothing quite as uncomfortable as a pair of ladies high heel shoes that fit badly, and the damage both to the foot and the lower back from poor posture can cause serious medical complications in later life.

This is why responsible suppliers of designer shoes have started to offer a much wider selection of width fittings, as they realize that owning a pair of designer shoes doesn't have to mean putting up with a poor fit and continuing discomfort. Wide fittings take into account the true size and shape of the foot, allowing the foot to sit comfortably in the shoe without 'pinching' across the bridge or toes. But it's not just wide fitting shoes that are important - if you have narrow feet, a loose fitting shoe can cause unpleasant blisters and tension in the feet where you have to 'bunch' your toes to hold the shoe in place when walking. Generic sizes as sold in most standard high street shops do not take into account the wide variety in foot shapes and sizes, which has limited those who need wider fittings or a narrow width shoe to buying less than stylish designs.

Now, however, online retailers in particular are recognizing this as a marketplace that hasn't been adequately serviced over the years and are starting to offer top quality designer shoes in a wide variety of fittings. The correct width is also particularly important when selecting a pair of boots, as it's not just the foot you have to consider - it's the width of the calf and length of the leg as well. A pair of boots that are too tight around the calf or too loose on a slimmer leg will be uncomfortable and look less than their best, no matter how expensive they are. By selecting the proper fitting (and taking into account not just your 'size' but your foot width as well), you will end up with a pair of top quality ladies shoes that will look good and feel comfortable, no matter how long you wear them for.

Designer shoes are an investment, and buying a pair that fit correctly will increase the life of the shoes, giving you better value for money in the long run. Buying a pair of wide fitting shoes that accommodate your feet comfortably without pinching or bunching can make a world of difference, particularly if you're on your feet all day or spending the evening dancing at a club. If you've had problems with standard fittings in the past, shop around for retailers that offer a variety of width fit shoes, make sure you have your feet measured properly by an expert and invest in a pair of shoes that will give you both comfort and style.


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