A quick guide to the role of a dentist

Published: 17th October 2008
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The Dentistry industry offers some very rewarding career options that combine the latest techniques in technology and science to help people maintain oral health. With technology advancing at a fast rate, the practice of dentistry will provide bigger challenges and rewards.

The role of dental staff is help the public maintain and improve their general oral health which gives them a huge level of job satisfaction by providing a great service and also conducting research.

There are many advantages that make becoming a dentist a great career choice; Many dentists find that the job provides a balanced lifestyle that allows them to balance their personal and professional life in a flexible way. Dentists can often open up their own dental practices and become their own boss, allowing them the flexibility and a great earning potential. There is a huge demand for dental care and the job has a great earning potential with the average wage of a NHS dentist being around '65,000 and a '70,000 for a private dentist according to the British dental association.

As well as personal and financial benefits, there are factors that people don't initially consider like status and prestige. Dentistry is a profession like Doctors and Professors that are highly regarded and provide a high status that will provide respect within your community.

The job of a dentist is also seen as a creative form of work, almost comparable to an artist. They need to use visual memory, manual dexterity and great judgement of space and shapes when dealing with the oral health of their patients.

There is said to be a great deal of variety in a dentist's job with the industry changing rapidly, meaning many new challenges and opportunities over time. During a dentists career they will tackle a wide range of patients and use a variety of techniques and procedures to improve the oral health of their patients.

The Dentist profession has a bright future with the demand for oral health increasing due to adults keeping their natural teeth for longer, improved dental procedures and a general increased awareness for oral hygiene. As time progresses, new technology will help dentists provide a greater range of procedures that will help improve oral health. Demand for dentists in Britain is extremely high for both NHS and private professionals.


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