A Crisis Looms - Silver Supplies Have Fallen Short of World Demand for 20 Years

Published: 02nd July 2010
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A crisis looms. Supplies of silver are quickly disappearing as the worldwide market demand continues to grow. New high-tech uses for silver and the demand outpacing the annual production every year since 1990 is causing the depletion of silver's above-ground stockpiles.

Once the largest stockpile of silver in the world, the US government dumped multiple billions of ounces of silver over the years into the world market thereby depressing silver prices. With no stockpile, the US is now purchasing silver at current rates. [Call Today] 888-98-Buy-Gold or visit:SilverForMyIRA.com

Seventy percent of silver production comes as a by-product of other kinds of mining (copper, gold, lead, zinc) which is incapable of keeping up with the current demand for silver.

The supply and demand gap of silver grows wider every day. Silver deposits and reserves have been identified, but until silver prices drive enough pressure to make extraction viable, the profit risk to mines that only produce silver are entirely reliant on the price and demand of the silver.

Silver is the world's most versatile metal. It is most commonly used today as an industrial commodity. Silver has many unique properties. Silver's basic scientific properties continue to be in high demand from high-tech products to computer chips to solar power generators.

Yet silver production is not expected to grow in 2010. CPM, a consultancy firm, states that 12 billion ounces of silver existed in 1900. In 2008 only 680.9 million ounces existed. That's a 94% drop in the above-ground supply. In 2010, it's about 300 million ounces.

Once the world's refined silver has been consumed by industry, it's gone, it's gone forever. More than 95% of all the silver ever mined has already been consumed by industrial use.

Since becoming an essential raw material in the 21st century's global economy, the looming silver crisis will strike at the heart of the major industries that rely on it for its component elements. Many of silver's industrial uses include being used in trace amounts which cannot be recycled, yet the demand is ever increasing as discoveries of its uses grow.

Just to name a few: jewelry, use in the production of solar energy, mirrors, solar cells, silver based batteries that are environmentally friendly, potential applications (because of its anti-bacterial properties) include uses in medical applications for clothing, socks, sportswear, fabrics, hospital and dental furnishings, upholstery, tools, surfaces, clothing, gowns, washes, etc.

Silver is an industrial commodity which manufacturers worldwide do not stockpile. Even a back order of one month could cripple their production of products.

Think what will happen when industrial manufacturers begin to feel the effects of delays in their silver orders. Will they panic? Will they quickly try to build inventories with on-hand supplies?

A wholesale shortage is looming just beyond the current widespread retail silver shortage.

One thing that sets silver apart from gold. The demand for gold is from investors. The demand for silver is from industrial users.


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