6 Groomsmen Gifts Ideas For Those That Drink Alcohol

Published: 28th July 2009
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6 Groomsmen Gifts Ideas for Those That Drink Alcohol

One of the absolute most popular groomsmen gifts out there are liquor flasks. Most grooms are tying the knot for the first time in their mid-20's. This is the age when guys are most likely to still be in "party mode" and enjoying their alcoholic beverages.

Here are some suggestions for groomsmen gifts to please your attendants that enjoy imbibing in liquor:

(1) Liquor flask. A popular, traditional groomsman gift for decades. You cannot go wrong with this gift. Well, you can. If your friends have been in several weddings in the last couple years, there is a high probability that someone has already given them a flask. Maybe you should try something else.

(2) Personalized pub signs. A custom pub sign with your friend's first and last name and year of your wedding is a special keepsake that reminds everyone of the awesome time they had at your wedding. It is quite trendy these days to hang custom signs in the kitchen, office, den or bar area for that personal touch.

(3) Beer mugs. Most guys love beer and like to drink it at home when they are watching sporting events. Get your friends their very own 25 ounce sports mug with their names on them so that they have a mug in their house that no one else touches. Hands off my brewski mug!

(4) Shot glasses. Custom imprinted shot glasses can be printed up for all your groomsmen. This is an especially fun and appropriate gift to hand out during the bachelor party. You all need a little liquid courage that night anyhow for the groom's last hurrah!

(5) Pewter tankards. Authentic pewter tankards that come all the way from England are a really classy, high end beer mug. Pewter flasks are also available. This is for the groom that can afford to spend a little more to lavish truly unique gifts upon his pals.

(6) Party beverage coolers. A portable beverage cooler is ideal for tailgating and bringing the party with you wherever you go. Custom embroidery on the front of the cooler lets you personalize with your friend's name.

In general, whatever you get for groomsmen gifts, choose personalized gifts. This adds that extra, thoughtful touch that makes the gift a little bit more meaningful. It shows your loved ones that you fussed over them and that you really appreciate all their tireless help in regards to your wedding.
Lisa Gunther is an expert on wedding favors, engraved gifts and is co-owner of Gunther Gifts Inc., a superstore of personalized gifts for important people since 1999. Gunther Gifts specializes in flasks, groomsmen gifts, bridesmaid gifts, wedding favors, and extras for the wedding ceremony such as guest books, cake tops, pen sets, toasting flutes and more.

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