25 Ideas for Monthly Employee Recognition

Published: 09th April 2010
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Honest appreciation is something we all desire, and something we are unlikely to forget. Praise for our efforts motivates and re-energizes our enthusiasm for our work. That is why employee recognition is so valuable in the workplace. Many companies take the time to recognize the efforts of employees on every level to boost morale and encourage camaraderie. In a time when few companies can afford high priced incentives, many employers are looking for ideas for employee recognitions.

Here are some fun ideas for employee recognition:

1. Creative and personal certificates of recognition
2. Hand written thank you notes
3. Mention employees in company newsletter
4. Support flexible hours when possible
5. Recognize those going above and beyond the call of duty by managers voting on Employee of the Month
6. Give Employee of the Month special recognition, certificate, and gift
7. Remember birthdays
8. Encourage those continuing their education
9. Day off for special recognition
10. Serve a "hero" sandwich to the employee going the extra mile on a project
11. Do random drawing for specific prizes
12. Randomly hide small gifts at workstations to be found during the day
13. Allow employee of the month to join you in your job to experience and learn more about the company
14. Recognize from the bottom up and eventually recognize everyone for something
15. Spring for professional business photos
16. Have lunch or breakfast together
17. Use company logo on cups, pens, jackets and more to use as recognition
18. Wash every employee's car
19. Provide one on one coaching
20. Spend time finding out a specific employee's desired career track
21. Give additional leadership roles
22. Write fun and interesting thank you notes on dry erase boards for staff
23. Set up a special coffee bar
24. Encourage others to praise their workmates
25. Set up a $20 tip of the day and draw the name of a winner

Every Company Should Incorporate Recognition
One of the pitfalls of many employee recognition programs is that it can cause bitterness between employees. However, by implementing a company-wide campaign that employs a wide range of ideas for employee recognition, every employee feels valued. When employers make it relevant, honest, and thoughtfully specific, it can encourage greater levels of cooperation, communication, and better job performance.

As owner of a Seattle coffee shop, Vickie Lexom enjoys showing appreciation to her employees for their hard work. To celebrate their success, she gives award certificates to their favorite shops as well as recognizing them to the rest of the staff. Using PaperDirect's certificate templates, Vickie can not only reward her employees but also design the certificates to fit the recognition.

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