2011 Ski Vacations- Book Now For Good Deals

Published: 03rd August 2010
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Tour operators specialising in ski holidays are keen to get 2011 off to a good start and are offering some good deals for those who book early.

The last couple of years haven't been too kind to some of the companies who specialise in skiing trips.

Several luxury chalet companies are liquidating their assets due in part to the weak economy. Early estimates show that luxury chalet bookings are down about 17 percent compared to last year's early bookings. Ski companies and luxury chalet rentals are trying to maintain pricing as usual, but many have had to offer incredible price breaks to lure guests back.

Descent International, one of Europe's most famous and prestigious resorts, has begun total liquidation of assets. Over the years, Descent International has maintained a star-studded client list that includes David and Victoria Beckham, JK Rowling and Rowan Atkinson.

Prince Andrew hosted a party at Descent in January 2009 and pre-booked another for the same week in 2010. His deposit of approximately 30,000 GBP was a small fraction of the 450,000 in total deposits for bookings for the 2009 to 2010 ski season. Recovery of the deposit moneys is unknown at the present time.

Chief Executive of Descent International Kit Harrison said, 'I'm doing everything in my power to try and help those of our guests who have already booked with us for this winter.' Harrison commented on the "sad situation" and said, "We've tried very hard to save Descent, but in the end that has not been possible."

Indigo Lodges, also one of the most luxurious chalet rental companies, filed bankruptcy over a year go. More than 400 luxury properties were available under the Indigo Lodges name. All properties were privately owned and available for rent when the owners chose to make them available.

Crystal Ski cut 40 percent of their inventory of available luxury chalets in efforts to save the company last year. A strong 2011 ski season will have a more positive impact with fewer outgoing expenses, especially if the ski holiday France programme goes well.

Out of the Snow-Covered Ashes

Several smaller ski companies are sure to spring up in the aftermath of the fall of such great giants. One such business, comprised of wealthy luxury chalet owners previously involved with Descent, has already launched a website. Consensio Holidays plans to market luxury ski vacations, similar to those expected at Descent International. Some of Descent's former employees are on staff with the new companies.

Positive Outlook

Early booking discounts are on the rise, and many skiers are taking advantage of the great deals. In the recent past, skiers in search of a great deal wait until the last minute to book their ski trip. Many North American ski companies are starting out the 2011 season with deep discounts that rival last minute planning costs.

Some world-famous ski companies are sweetening the deal by offering discounts and specials on online bookings. A few of the more popular packages include lift passes, ski rentals, flights and hotels.

This early in the ski season, no one really knows if last minute bookings will beat the deals available now. Some die-hard skiers aren't taking the chance and are booking earlier than normal. The state of the UK and US economies has taken a toll on more than just luxury chalet rentals - ski resorts are also feeling the pinch. Great deals and added perks always win out in the end and there's some good deals available for 2011 already online.
Ski holiday companies are on-line at yourandorra.com and they have Andora early bookings information.

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