2010 Clubbing Vacations - Party Island Ibiza

Published: 01st April 2010
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Lucky enough to be under 30 and wondering where to holiday and party this summer? You're not alone - clubbing holidays are increasingly popular with the 18 to 30-year-old age group.

Travel agencies are targeting this sector with holiday packages centered around the world's best clubs. Travel agencies that specialise in clubbing holidays are springing up everywhere, particularly on the Internet. It signifies a trend toward travel for purposes of partying as opposed to sightseeing and relaxing. Twenty-somethings looking to spend time on the world's best dance floors should consider these clubbing holiday destinations:

Ibiza: Look at any top clubbing holiday destinations list and you'll likely find Ibiza near or at the top. This island is the third largest of the Balearics in Spain's Mediterranean. It's considered a part of Spain, but is one of many of Spain's 'autonomous communities.' It supports its own government, schools and health and social services. It also has its own distinctive culture, a mix of Spanish and other historical influences.

Ibiza has long been known as the party capital of Europe. It is even known by many as the party capital of the world. The island did not earn this reputation by chance. It was a carefully plotted strategy by tourism officials in past decades to draw visitors to the small island. Today it is well known for its variety of clubs which cater almost exclusively to tourists. It is, in fact, home to the world's largest nightclub.

Ibiza draws millions of clubbing holiday tourists annually. Most of them fall into the 18-30 year old category.

The island's reputation often belies its true cultural history though. Ibiza is also home to large protected natural environmental areas. These have received World Heritage Site recognition from the United Nations. This status ensures they will never be developed due to their ecological and historical significance.

Cyprus: This independent island country is also located in the Mediterranean. Cyprus does not have the nightlife history that Ibiza has. Nevertheless, it has begun to gain a reputation as a popular place for a clubbing holiday. This is due to a number of Cyprus' resorts making deliberate moves to cater to visiting club hoppers. The island is now home to several famous clubs.

Like an Ibiza holiday there is more to Cyprus than dancing and drinking. A plethora of cultural activities and events take place year round. Cyprus is also home to some of the world's most fascinating and diverse ancient ruins. The weather, of course, is also another factor that draws tourists, both clubbers and non-clubbers.

Miami, Florida: Miami is a culturally diverse city, and its clubs are equally diverse. Miami's music scene is world-famous. Much of its music is influenced by Cuban and other Spanish and Caribbean cultures. Naturally, many of its clubs feature Spanish and Caribbean music and dance styles. Conga, reggae, rumba, salsa, meringue and calypso are just a few 'ingredients' that season the palette of Miami's club scene.

Miami Beach may also be included under this umbrella, though it is actually its own separate municipality. Miami Beach might be called the new Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach, once the spring break capital of the Southeastern U.S., has lost much of its party reputation. Young people looking for a clubbing holiday in a smaller city setting are choosing Miami Beach over the city of Miami or Daytona Beach.

Both Miami and Miami Beach have tourism industries which cater almost exclusively to twenty-somethings. Travelers who want quieter holidays usually avoid these two places, though both cities have many other attractions.

Clubbing holidays aren't for the faint-hearted. Those looking for constant activity and who enjoy late, long nights will find these and other clubbing holiday destinations the perfect vacation spots for their summer holidays this year.
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