10 Landmarks in Australia That You Must See

Published: 20th February 2008
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Diverse is how best you can describe Australia. The land 'down under', as it is popularly referred to as, brings forth images of beaches and lush grass, and hopping kangaroos, of course. Or others may think of the barren landscape, with a misshapen tree or two thrown in to break the monotony, hot, dry days where the sun seems to bake the earth, and of course the kangaroos hopping about are a necessity.

The deserts of Australia are only a part of what makes it a unique land, explore further and find rainforests, swamplands, wooded areas, and grasslands as well. Because of the diversity of the continent, Australia is the perfect place to visit, where everyone, from adventure seeker to naturalist, casual tourist to history buff can find their niche in an area teeming with opportunity for exploration.

What makes Australia so exciting is the limitless chance to see something new just around the next bend. Walking along a path, are exotic animals such as koala and wallaby in their natural habitat. Go a little further and climb a rocky path leading to a cave just begging to be explored. Nature lovers can find much more than just the smell of eucalyptus to tease the nose, stroll through lush gardens, let the sights and colours intermingle to dazzle your senses.

Explore the unique beauty of domes, formed from grey and orange sandstone, look down into the canyons to find palm trees growing through the clay. Gaze upon the largest monolith in the world; find out how many colours the sandstone reflects at different times of the day. Or better yet, see what its like to sleep underground in a motel built close to an opal mine. The coral reefs can be seen without once stepping into the water, but once in, the marine life is simply fascinating. All of this can be found in Australia, making this continent the one place guaranteed to please anyone visiting.

There is more to Australia than just the beauty of its wildlife and landscape though; the land that has a rich cultural history boasts an even richer present for those who want a taste of life here. The people are friendly and energetic, and the world of sports is regularly rattled by their characteristic gritty and aggressive sportsmen; Ian Thorpe and Leyton Hewitt are just two examples of the Aussie sportsmen but we can not forget their team sports either. Top of the line, is what sums up the land and its people.
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